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Kek Lok Si Temple is located Air Hitam, area of ​​120,000 square meters,  is one of largest Buddhist temple Southeast Asia, the temple row upon row of colorful buildings, or whether it is local Chinese tourists are willing to go. Built early 1890, it took 20 years to complete. This temple is situated in the hillside has been one hundred years of history. A long history with a spectacular group of buildings and make it into a number of tourist attractions in Penang, one of the attractions not to be missed.

Homes amount of "Haitian Buddhism pool" inscription, there are many inscriptions carved stone walls, a central lotus flower dock large stones engraved with "Do not forget old country" four characters, the Department in June 1900 Kang mine. Tripitaka building that thousands Bujing Shu. Backyard 30 meters high, a total of seven layers of Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda, tower design is very wonderful, pure white tower, tower of Myanmar style, the middle is Thai, while the bottom is Chinese style, shape and the White Snake Lei Feng similar tower, the tower are placed on each floor with marble statues and body made ​​of gold Buddha, Maitreya four Diamond and quite compelling, sitting, standing, lying different attitude.

Many Buddha temple, each Buddha are enshrined in solemn statues and beautiful murals. The temple is also full of beautiful flowers. Buddhism charge everywhere filled with a quiet sense of calm and peaceful place unique. It is worth mentioning that the Kek Lok Si within "Main Hall" plaque turned out to be the Qing dynasty emperor presented the plaque and inscriptions, and another plaque "Haitian Buddha" is the Empress Dowager Cixi inscribed. Moment to make this temple adds a lot of traces of history.

First to greet visitors who are inside the temple two most iconic buildings - owned China, Thailand and Myanmar featuring Wan pagodas and 30 meters high giant Guanyin statue. They are far away from the foot of the mountain towering already could see. There are two paths to reach halfway up the mountain from the foot of the temple. An ordinary mountain, driving a car can reach. The other one is walking on the sidewalk onto the temple. If you are able-bodied young man, I strongly recommend that you walk up the hill. Although it is quite hard, but are small shops along this road. You can buy some of these stores have souvenirs with local characteristics and local products, but this way you can still see the temple possessor of thousand of turtle pond.  Top of the tower overlooking the downtown skyline and the Penang view, it is refreshing.

Kek Lok Si Temple famous is the annual "Ten Thousand auspicious bright light," tens of thousands of lights to this famous temple in Southeast Asia was shining brilliantly illuminated, shines even more quaint. Over 10,000 auspicious light bulbs and more than 20,000 lights lit up the Kek Lok Si 5000, making the Kek Lok Si brightly lit at night as day, light gleaming.
Penang Attraction - Kek Lok Si Temple

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No. 1, Tokong Kek Lok Si, 11500, George Town,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

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